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Anonymous asked: hi! just a random question, but i was wonder which brother you think raph is closest to?


It can kinda depend on which version you’re looking at, but overall it’s generally Mikey and I think that’s true of 2k14 as well.

In 2k12 I would actually say it’s Leo though… despite the clashes. Which, actually fits in perfectly with my concept of their relationship and how 2k12 is very much focused on depicting them as young teenagers, and in such a way that I, personally, can see the 2k12 TMNT as growing up to be more like how they appear in more ‘mature’ versions like 2k3 and 2k7 (whether 2k12 actually does progressively age them remains to be seen of course). 

And way back when I was first writing for this fandom, my concept and belief was Leo and Raph were best buds when they were young but as they got older and more competitive and the different ways they approach life began to clash and Leo assumed the leadership duties, shit kinda came between them and drove them apart although of course the love remains there very deeply, just with a lot of tension and friction and resentment as well.

Once that all came between them, Raph tended to start palling up with Mikey and as much as Mikey gets on his nerves, he also grounds him and helps keep him level. Plus I think Raph enjoys giving Mikey a hard time. :)

At the very end of the day, I believe Leo and Raph have an incredibly deep bond however, which is why they are able to hurt each other so much.



Looks wrong, doesn’t it?

Looks right to me.

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"I ain’t goin back to the Hashi’ 

This is dorkinhighheels fault, somehow….. :P

model reference: Raph’s sculpture , a few caps from the trailers, and an old picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger for the arms. 

first print

second print

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god, if I’m at fault for masterpieces like this, I don’t want to ever be blameless! *dies*

Anonymous asked: do you think raphael would like dogs more or cats more?


My impulse is to say cats, if he had to choose between the two.

I’m not entirely sure why.

In the 2012 version he once said that he isnt really that much of a cat person towards tiger claw.. it couldve been just trash talk and the 2012 version of raphael is different in his own way so yeah.. this comment was kinda irrelevant haha..

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It’s like they’re turtles but we don’t see them as turtles. Or is that just me?

Just yes

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Oh yeah… not attracted to humans anymore

What has become of me…

Favorite TMNT 2014 Scenes Mikey apologizing for accidentally spitting in Raph’s eye during the argument.

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Anonymous asked: I'm literally in tears after what I read... The way you portray these characters, the emotions, the life coursing through the bodies of these brings... It's so beautiful!!! Tell me, don't you even believe that, at times, even they, these turtles behave more human than we do? I mean, I'm sorry for my burst of feels here... I LOVE THEM!


never be sorry for a burst of feels, anon!

and yes, I certainly think the TMNT can have way more compassion and empathy than many humans at times…